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23 February 2013 @ 01:26 am

Under The Water Sea is a fanmix dedicated to Theon Greyjoy (character of Game of Thrones series, Asoiaf books). I was inspired by the events of the second book, when Theon was trying to prove himself to his father and the iron islands people, how he was a fish out of water, his relationship with Robb and some little things from the future and what he was going to suffer next.
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10 March 2012 @ 01:17 am

She Will Be Loved is a fanmix i did for a gleeverse challenge (even if i missed the deadline and never posted it. HAHAHAHAHAHAH!)
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Your love will kill me is a special fanmix i did for a throneland challenge. It's about the Megara and Heracles love story for the myth but i used Sansa as Megara and Loras as Heracles.

The Myth: In reward for Heracles' defending Thebes from Orchomenus in single-handed battle, Creon offered his daughter Megara to Heracles and he brought her home to the house of Amphitryon.She bore him a son and a daughter, whom Heracles killed when Hera struck him with temporary madness; in their hero-tombs in Thebes they were venerated as the Chalkoarai. In some sources Heracles slew Megara too, in others, she was given to Iolaus when Heracles left Thebes forever.

The fanmix is inspired by the version when Heracles killed his whole family.
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Songs for my love is a special fanmix i did for the limoversary comemoration! The big fanmix is made of two fanmix of 13 songs, every song represents a moment of Chuck and Blair. Or the couple itself, or the character, and some are based on what i wish for them in the journey that lies ahead.
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Jon/Dany fanmix for throneland! The challenge was to make a fanmix based on a past challenge, where people did a poster and a short summary for a movie based on a shipper. Of course, i choose the Jon/Dany one and the story fits them, the name if "Looking Toward Home" by undrheavenskies. I think Jon, Dany as Sansa, Arya, Robb... were so little and so many bad things happened to them and to their family, i guess the thing they want most is to find a home, as Dany said on that wonderful conversation she had with Jorah.
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My first fanmix! I hope you guys like it! (: It's a Chuck/Blair fanmix, so some songs are quite about the couple itself, other songs seems more like a character saying/singing to the other.
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